Improper Use of Mobile: A Story of a young girl

Improper Use of Mobile: A Story of a young girl
Improper Use of Mobile: A Story of a young girl
Improper Use of Mobile: A Story of a young girl

Hania! Hania! Hania
Yes mom.
Son come to the kitchen…
I come
Come proper away. I need to speak to you.
Sure Mother what to talk about? Hurry up, I have to do something critical.
Son, what an important challenge. Listen to me frivolously.
Nicely, inform me that you have accomplished your homework.
I can do it, what’s the frenzy? It is all night now. I’ve.
Son, why do it now at night? Then you have to recollect the lesson.
No Mother, I must use my cell properly now. I will examine it later. And what about homework? It’ll be inside the morning.
Son, depart this cell smartphone, your very last examination is also going to happen now. Recognition of research.
Look, Mother, I will not turn out to be a bookworm. As plenty as feasible. I examine.
Son, how are you speaking? Before these days, you cherished studying. What has passed off all of a surprise?
Why are you scolding my princess? Will examine. Now are the days of his gambling.
Father, how are you speaking? You’re twelve years antique. Masha Allah, you look like a girl. In case you don’t be aware of your studies now, whilst will you?
Study the daughter-in-regulation, the female is shrewd, mashallah she brings precise grades every 12 months. This time will now not disappoint.
Hania: appearance, mother, grandpa loves me more than you.
Love you, Grandpa,
Baba Jan, the love of all of you spoiled it. Ever due to the fact that his father added him a cell cellphone. It’s far turning into useless. See how she has run into the room.
Go away the daughter-in-law, she is a baby.
Too much restraint isn’t right either.
Hania’s grandfather is asking Hania with the aid of their voice must pray.
But Hania no longer pays attention to an unmarried sound.
Dada Jan himself is going to Hania’s room. Pray my pricey princess.
Yes, grandfather, I can read it.
Right now I’m watching a very humorous show. I’m able to examine for 20 minutes.
Grandfather is going again to his room. And Hania is busy with her mobile phone.
Haniya’s father, you know the way a great deal your daughter is changing because you added her a mobile telephone. She has now not studied when you consider that then. And does now not listen to everybody. Just mobile all of the time! Mobile…..
As if there is the handiest one cellular left in his lifestyle. Begum Sahiba, you are taking unnecessary tensions like this. Nothing happens nowadays
All children have cellular telephones. Our daughter isn’t the handiest person who has a cellular phone.
So that you are not too concerned.
Per week turned into left for Hania’s assessments to begin. She used to go to her room after eating as traditional. And on the pretext of reading, she could stick with her cellular cellphone.
Whilst the result came, Hania failed miserably. Continually taking the first position inside the elegance, she passed with such terrible marks. He did now not even recognize approximately this.
Haniya needed to face embarrassment in front of all people.
After coming home, Hania advised her mom of the whole thing and started crying in front of her (mother).
Amy defined Hania.
That son, there may be no factor in crying now.
, what might appear now when the birds have eaten the field,
Use cellular. However of route. Did now not see how the pointless use of cell smartphones has now not only made you ineffective. At the equal time, we’re all involved.
I am very ashamed of you.
I promise that I can no longer supply an opportunity to bitch in Destiny. (God Willing)

Writer: Halima Sadia Mirpur AJK

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