The Illegal Immigrants of Pakistan: A Disastrous Story of Greek Accident

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illegal immigrants
illegal immigrants
illegal immigrants
illegal immigrants
illegal immigrants

Greece boat accident
Who knew what happened in Greece on Friday, June 9?
Who knew that his desire to cross the sea would save him from such a terrible death? Someone had left home thinking that he would be able to remove the poverty of his home by going out and earning good money, and someone left home to fulfill the small wishes of his little children.
Everyone had some dream. All these people probably considered Greece as a paradise where all sorrows, pains, and sufferings will end as soon as they go. But God’s action was such that he made everyone a sign of a lesson and presented it to the world that see what happens to the borders of any country through wrong means.
A friend of mine is Obaid who is a resident of Kotli. He told me a lot that you should go too, but I didn’t go.
My departure did not happen because maybe Allah wanted to keep me alive.
When Obaid wanted to go to Greece by sea, I stopped him a lot, but he was determined. His mother also did not want him to go but before leaving he demanded money from the family. The family said, “Son, where will we get 30,000 dollars?”
But even if you get a loan from somewhere, have you done any research about the agent? What kind of person is he who delivers safely or not?
Yes, dear, don’t worry, I am taking care of everything.
Obeid, my son, you are our only heir. Whatever you do, do it carefully, we don’t care about money. Nothing should happen to you.
Khair Ubaid’s parents allowed him to go with a stone on their hearts and also arranged money. Obaid was very happy. While leaving, he said to his mother that I will go to work there with my mother. And I will send you the monthly salary to repay this loan.
But there was a lot of fear in his mother’s heart. The heart was not willing to allow the son to go like this. But he could not avoid talking about the only son. Obaid also met all our friends before leaving. There was good chatter and laughter. Then he got a call from the agent. And he reached the base with all of us and sat on the bus going to Balochistan from there. Then from Balochistan to Iran. And from Iran by road to Turkey, they boarded a big boat through the sea and left for Greece. I stayed in touch with him throughout this journey as he was a very close friend of mine…..
Obaid called me as soon as he boarded the boat, I spoke to his mother, and she said that everything is fine.
The next day, he called again and sent a video of the people who were there from different areas. We were all relieved that he would arrive safely. But who has any knowledge about Allah’s works, he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants.
A whole day passed but there was no news of Obaid. No call or message. His mother Ms. was also very worried, the poor woman used to go round our house and ask that son has contacted you, what is he saying, how is my life….?
I didn’t want to worry them so I kept lying that he was fine.
I am done.
The next day, I was looking at the posts on Facebook as usual, and suddenly I saw a post that made me lose my senses. My eyes started to tear.
The post was like that the boat going to Greece by sea got hit by a storm. 800 passengers drowned, including women, ten-year-old children, and the elderly. But there was no mention of survivors.
As soon as I got in touch with Obeid, my life came to life. He told me to tell my house that I am fine. All the rest of my friends are dear to me. I asked him what happened, my friend, he told me that we reached the borders of Greece. We closed the account so that no one could see us. Then water slowly filled the boat from one place. A strong storm started and the boat sank. The fishermen there threw bulletproof jackets at us. Some ropes and we were pulled out.
Man, you know how afraid I am of water. When I fell into the sea, I was feeling very helpless. A wave of fear entered the whole body. Breathing became difficult in the water. I was thinking that my last time has come and I will never be able to see my mother’s face. God saved me.
And the other people who were in the boat with me. Now very few people are left behind, about 104 out of 800 have been saved.
The bodies of the rest are still being searched.
You do something for me, my friend, talk to my mother. I don’t have a net, this is also taken by these people. You talk to me on a sim call.
I told him that it is fine, I will do what you say.
I went to his house, leaving my house along with two houses, i.e. the fourth house was his, and talked to his mother.
He started crying while talking to his mother. Mom….you were right…..I shouldn’t have gone….I made you angry..then got this punishment…..
No, my son, when do mothers get angry with their children? Well, tell me when you will come back.
Mom, I don’t know anything yet. Every day the army men and the newsmen come and take a statement from us as to why they came and who sent them. Now whether they send them back to Pakistan or put them in jail.
My child, don’t worry, Allah will bless you. Then the call is closed

Writer: Halima Sadia Mirpur AJK

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