Desire | A worker’s story.

desire a workers story
desire a workers story
desire a workers story
desire a workers story
desire a workers story

Hot afternoon sun hovering overhead. A warm breeze was running all around.
Every other person was tired of the heat. Like this, a poor father was working in the sun with thousands of wishes for his children in his heart.
Samad: Yes, master, go and bring the tools from outside.
Samad: Yes, the owner is fine.
Samad brings the tools but the tools are very hot due to the heat.

Samad picks it up boldly. While picking up the tool, a screw goes missing from him. He doesn’t even know about it. And when he comes back after putting the tools in place, his master calls him again with anger. Support!
You bastard, bastard hood
What do you mean by giving money to people for free? While doing the work carefully, you people die.
Samad’a Maalik, I am not angry. What is wrong with me? Please tell me.
Samad’s owner grabs him by the collar and slaps him hard on the face. And he says that you should not come to the workshop from tomorrow.
Holding the owner’s feet.
Tell the owner my mistake.
Owner: The parts of the tools you disappeared from the shop
Is. Tell me how much and to whom it has been sold.
Samad: Owner, I must be poor but not a thief.
Samad’s owner kicks Samad hard. And goes out by itself.
The speed of life is cruel, have mercy
At every turn there is a new test, at every turn, there is a disgrace

A flood of tears in Samad’s eyes and a burden of desire in his heart. He starts walking on the sidewalk. Millions of questions arise in his heart that he got hope from this job that he will teach the children well in school. Now this is not even a job. Where will I go now?
How will the house pass?
What will I answer to my wife?
What will comfort the children?
Samad passed outside a shop while talking to himself. He goes inside the shop.
Peace be upon you.
Yes, my name is Abdul Samad.
Mr. Samad, how can we guide you?
Samad: I am unemployed. I need a job so that I can manage my home.
Yes, you have come to the right place. We need a worker who knows how to deal with customers.
What is your educational qualification?
Samad: Yes, my educational qualification is FA.
Shopkeeper: Yes, ok.
We will give you a salary package of ten thousand per month. Doing nothing more is just satisfying the customer well.
Samad: Yes, that’s right (but Samad gets worried when he hears about the salary, then he fills the supporter thinking that something is better than nothing).
Shopkeeper: Let’s go. It’s fine. Tomorrow morning at nine o’clock you will come.
I will explain the work to you.
Samad goes home. But he thinks that how will I pay the children’s fees with this salary?
While speaking, Samad immediately raises his hands towards the sky and prays to Allah.
O, my Lord! O sustainer of all places. Give me your special favor.
Is my desire so great that you cannot fulfill it?
Mullah please agree with me, Amen.

Keep walking carrying the body weight

Keep melting like snow in the sun

This smile is for the decoration of faces

Otherwise, the feeling is hell to keep burning

Now fatigue becomes a chain of feet

The fear of the road says to keep going

Even if life gives alms, then with a price

Seeing the domestic situation, he started working part-time at a tile store. In such a case, he used to go to the grocery store in the morning and then to the tile store after two months of hard work. And in this happiness, his salary was increased.
Abdul Samad admitted his children to a good school. Household expenses were also well met. A father’s wish was fulfilled.

Writer: Halima Sadia Mirpur AJK

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