Betrayal in Friendship: Story of two birds

Betrayal in friendship
Betrayal in friendship

Betrayal in friendship

Two beautiful birds were sitting on a branch of jamun. Both were cheerful, but one was very sad today. One bird’s name was Soneli and the other was Narini.
Soneli was sad and worried since last night.
Narini saw his condition and asked him what happened, why are you sad?
Soneli said to Narini, “No, you are having a misunderstanding, why should I be sad?”
Narini: No, your face has gone down since last night. By the way, you used to laugh and smile with me. Today there is something that upsets your mood.
(Soneli actually didn’t want to disturb her childhood friend Narini, but on Narini’s repeated insistence, she started telling her everything)
Soneli: It was only a few days ago that I made friends with a bird named Su Nari in the nearby garden. She takes care of me a lot.
Narini: Why didn’t you tell me about him even though you tell me everything.
Soneli: I became friends with him so quickly that I didn’t know.
Narini: Well tell me next.
Soneli: Last night he invited me to his house for a feast, I also got ready without thinking about anything and left.
As soon as I went inside, I started suffocating in that environment.
I had just taken a step out to come back when Sonari came.
Sonari: What happened Sonali?
Soneli: I was just suffocating. Thought to go outside to get some fresh air.
Sonari: Man, you are looking very cute, this color is shining on you. It seems that this color is specially made for you.
Sonili: Thanks man
Sonari: Come sit in my room, I will bring food for you.
While leaving, Sonari started calling Soneli’s name in a loud voice. Soneli sit in my room, don’t get up. It felt like that. As if he wants to tell someone that I am in his room.
Narini: What happened next Soneli?
Soneli: At once I was overcome by sleep. When he opened his eyes, he found himself imprisoned in a cage.
Narini: How did you travel from Sonari’s house to the cage? Don’t be curious.
Soneli: I saw that there was a hunter in front. I asked the hunter that how can you bring me here like this? I was at my friend Sonari’s house. I started shouting loudly to Sonari. Sonari…
save me sonari…..
where are you sonari
Why can’t you hear my voice?
Shikari: (The hunter heard my screams and got angry and I started trembling with fear.)
Shikari: Which friend are you shouting at?
He is not the one who sold me to you.
Soneli: As soon as I heard this, I started crying. Thoughts engulfed me. Zamir started blaming that why did you trust Sonari.
Hunter: Look, don’t talk too much or I will be chewed raw.
Soneli: Why did Sonari make a deal? She doesn’t see me like that.
Hunter: Don’t go by her looks, she has sold many beautiful birds to me before. She makes friends with cute birds like you. Then sells. And this is his business.
(The next day the hunter took me to the city and sold me to a merchant. The merchant was a resident of Yemen but he used to visit different cities every day for trade)
Narini: So Neeli, so much happened to you and you didn’t even let me know. Well tell me what happened and how did you get back home?
Soneli: The merchant gave me as a gift to his daughter. That poor woman served me day and night, but my heart was not listening. I neither ate nor drank anything with him. Then one day Allah put mercy in his heart and freed me. And I used to thank my creator. It came to you flying in the air with happiness.
Narini: After hearing the sad story of her friend, she hugged her and started crying. Both comforted each other. And happy to live together.

Writer: Halima sadia Mirpur AJK

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